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The following pages contain Textures created by myself  to be offered here for free!


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Pink Gingham
Another cute outfit for the girls. This includes texture maps for all three pieces, bump maps and transmaps. Pants are trimmed in the pink gingham.

Kitty Cat PJs
This set of pajamas created for the Millenium Girls by me, has an adorable cat and yarn pattern. The first of many children's clothes to come!

Lace and Roses
This set created by me for the Millenium Girls. Trimed in lace and satin roses this set is something for that social event or Sunday best.
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Pink Polkadot Texture
for Serge's mlgirl dress 1. This texture done by me using pink satin with black polkadots. Will fit either girls dresses.
CCD's Pretty in Pink
Another texture done by me for Serge's mlgirl dress1. This textured using pink taffeta then adorned in red dogwood tree blossoms.
Blue Floral Texture
for the Remapped GG's SweetHeart Gown.
Get the dress here! Free!
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Pink Polkadot Texture
This is for GG's New version of the 1950's SweetHeart Gown. Pink skirt with black dots and a black top. Get the dress here! Free!
Yellow Rose Texture
This is for GG's New version of the 1950's SweetHeart Gown. Tiny yellow roses and a solid yellow bow. Get the dress here! Free!
CCD's White Dragon Outfit
Texture for GG's Fantasy Gown, Yamato's Sensu Fan and Maclean's Hat. Read the readme for location of fan and hat downloads. The dress is a silver satin with gold dragons alll over it.
Dress sold on CD Archive at our store.Textures done by me!

CCD's Wildlife Collection
These are 10 different wildlife textures for the P4 Man's T-Shirt. Front and back are textured with beautifull prints! Click on the image for a larger view.

CCDs Texture 1 for
GG's Western Dress

The following five textures were created by me using PSP 7.0. The zip includes texture map, bump map, transparency map and a matpose for each. Get the dress here!

CCDs Texture 2 for
GG's Western Dress

CCDs Texture 3 for
GG's Western Dress

CCDs Texture 4 for
GG's Western Dress

CCDs Texture 5 for
GG's Western Dress

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