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All NEW! Updated February 2001 All NEW!

The following pages contain Props created by myself and others to be offered here for free!


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Tea Cup and Saucer
A tea cup and saucer I created for Wayne's teapot at Fairywoods All pp2 and rsr's files included. Textures match Wayne's teapot on Fairywoods.
An open umbrella remapped and with two textures. A great prop for either man or woman. pp2 and rsr files included.
GG's 17th Century Bonnet
Resized to fit the Millenium Girls. This bonnet goes great with any of the Millenium Girls period clothes by Gloria Gast. The dresses are soldin our store for a great price! Check out our texture section for textures for the bonnet and GG's 17th Century PTMillGirl dress.
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Oaken Barrel
Created by Susan Lay this is a great prop. Textures and all files included.
Tree Stump
Made by Tom Lange from Alchemy Artworks
Flat Rock
A Free Download from,
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Cemetary Gates
These gates were created by Susan Lay. A great prop! Comes in three pieces. 1 fence section, left and right sides of gate.
A great prop if you want to build a complete scene in Poser. This fog can be set to different effects. Shown here using the night sky background (, Notice the effect it has!
Stone Studed Tiara
This tiara created by Kathleen Predmore and worn by the Bernadette Bride makes a beautiflu accent to any character model. Textures and pp2, rsr included.

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