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The following pages contain Miscellaneous items created by myself and others to be offered here for free! Check out the Table of Contents to find out what's on this page.

Table of Contents:


Paint Brushes for Adobe Photo Shop and/or Paint Shop Pro
These two zip files are brushes for the above applications. They are to be used for brushing out fur and hair. I used these brushes in my Fur Brushing Tutorial found on my tutorial page. I do not remember where I found these two brush sets but if anyone out there can remember where they come from please let me know I would be more than happy to give you credit for them. They have been a lifesaver to me! Thanks!

fur brush set   Download Both!   hair brush set


To use these in Poser you just have to import/background from the File Menu.

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This jpeg found online I'm not sure where but it makes a great background picture for Poser. Just click on the thumbnail and graphic will come up in another window then save.
Another background picture you can use for Poser. It works great for things set close to the floor. Such as cats, dogs, etc. For an example check out a picture I did using this as a background in our Gallery. Look for  the title
"Brothers"   Just click on the thumbnail and graphic will come up in another window then save.
14 New background images to be used in Poser or your favorite 3D Rendering software. Seven water and land scenes and seven land scenes. Digial Photos taken at our favorite lake in Georgia and in our own backyard!
These are for Nerd's Backdrop. Which can be purchased at his store at 3DCommune . These are pictures sized to fit his backdrop. To apply these backgrounds just choose them in materials as a 2D texture map. And apply it to the backdrop. Just as you would any texture map to a prop.

Nerd's Backdrop Backgrounds I
These created either in Bryce or in PSP7.0. Made to fit the Backdrop perfectly. All images sized accordingly.

Nerd's Backdrop Backgrounds II
Created using my digital camera and PSP7.0. These photos taken at WestPoint Lake. All seven made to fit Nerd's Backdrops.

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