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CCD's Menataur

This is a new character created by me. Horns donated by Neal M Burt, Bryce3DArt, downloadable at Propsguild. Armband and wrist band from Gloria Gast, and clothing from PoserWorld Steve Shanks. All included with the PZ3.

Centaur4 Male

A nice accompaniment for the Centaur4 Female available at PoserWorld. Created by yours truly. This Centaur has a long flowing mane and nice dark beard. You must own the Poser4 horse and the P4Man for this to work!

Rutger Haur Look Alike

Well here he is my first human character. I made Rutger for a picture I did with the heavy horse. A scene from 'Lady Hawk'. I got such great compliments on my work I wanted to share him with you! I used the P4 Man incl'd with Poser.

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King Brian

Character resembles King Brian from the movie "Darby O'Gill and the Little People". King of the Leprechauns he is. Created using John Mallis' Dwarf Male Warrior. He is a pz3 and should come complete! Textures, clothes, and props included!

Millennium Cat Slippers

These slippers created by me. This is a new character, fully poseable. These slippers can be resized to fit the Preschool girl also. Zip includes all three texture & bump maps, cr2s, pngs, pcfs, and template. You may brush the slippers for that furry look or leave them for that terry cloth look. You must own the Millennium Girls and use OBJaction for these to work!

Baby Elf Nevan

Created by me using the P4 Nude Infant and morphs from Traveler. Nevan is dressed in the P4 Diaper, and Bushi's Baby Shirt. All Textures done by me. Zip Incl'ds PZ3 and the Textures you can download the Baby Shirt at Bushi's site. Read Nevan's  readme for further instructions on updating shirt for PoserProPack.

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CCD's Hydra

A Greecian Mythical creature the hydra is sometimes depicted as a three headed snake. It was known to be a guardian over precious or rare items. This character created using the P4 Rattlesnake which you must own for this to work.

CCDs Old Woman

This is a creation of mine using the Victoria 2 and her morphs. I made a body that matched the face. Her body is more matronly with a little pooch here and a little sag there. Her face was done using Margaret Smith's face. I hope you enjoy! Hair not included!

GGs Western Dress

Works with Victoria 2. This dress made for me by Gloria Gast for the Old Woman Character. Includes the dress and an apron prop. Five new textures can be downloaded for this dress in our texture section, HERE!

GGs PoserJunction Free Items:

GGs Indian Punjab Dancer

GG's Indian PunJa Dancer

This model uses the P4 Woman All clothes must be downloaded and installed before opening this PZ3. Read the read me included with this zip for instructions on loading the dancer into Poser.

GG's Indian Punja Dancer's Clothing Pack

These are the clothes that the Indian Dancer will need.

GG's Buck

You must own the Zygote Doe for this to work. Created by Gloria Gast this magnificent buck is an excellent addition to any animal library.

GG's Lion Cub

This character was created using the P4 Cat, Capsces 9Lives Cat morphs and morphs by Kathleen Predmore Cloudland Castle Designs. You must own the P4 cat for this to work. A texture is offered here in the Texture section by Kathleen Predmore.

GG's Ocelot

This character was created using the P4 Cat, Capsces 9Lives Cat morphs and morphs by Kathleen Predmore Cloudland Castle Designs. You must own the P4 cat for this to work.. Zip includes CR2, RSR, Texture and readme file. Please make sure you read the text file included for instructions on unzipping and loading into Poser.

GG's Santa Sleigh

This prop created by Gloria for use with the Reindeer and tack offered HERE for free. File includes, pp2, png, obj, and texture. Read the read me file included with zip.

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