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All NEW! Updated July 2001 All NEW!

The following pages contain Characters created by myself and others to be offered here for free!


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Horse and Cowboy!
These two characters come together in a zip file. The horse is fully morphable and includes a western saddle, bridle, and reins. You must have the Poser4 horse for this to work. If you like the horse's texture you can get it on my Texture page.  The cowboy is a Poser4 man with the beard morphs.
(click here to get the texture)
Named after what they hunt, the Badger. They are a tough little breed. Hearty and loyal. You must own the Poser4 dog for this to work. This dog was created using the AKC standard for the breed and morphs from Lynne's Creation & Bloodsong. Set of texture maps sold at our store under Textures/Animals. These maps were created using actual photographs. Buy the Maps get the dog FREE!
New Mouse
Finally a mouse that looks like a mouse! Created by me using the 9-Lives morphs by Beth at . and the Poser 4 Cat. Shown here using the posing camera. Mouse size is actually very small.
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Shetland Pony
This Pony was created by me using the P4 horse,  Bloodsong's and Jackielwn's  morph targets.  He comes complete with tack. The tack was resized to fit and made into smart props. Thanks to Bloodsong for the bridle and reins and Scott Ayres for the western saddle.
To view a
full size image of this lovely animal check out the Gallery!

These two giraffes were created using a simple giraffe that was downloaded off the net and Gloria Gast. They now have ears and better textures. Textures created by Kathleen Predmore. Ears are partially poseable.  Baby created by Gloria. Both come as cr2's. There are two different species textures included with zip.
Dwarf Bunny
Bunny created by Kathleen Predmore [yours truly] using the 9Lives cat morphs from Capsces and the P4Cat. This bunny is much smaller than the rabbit from Capsces. Any of the cat textures will work on him. Here he is shown with the Tonkinese map. Incl'd are the cr2, png, and a Siamese texture map.
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Created by Susan Lay using  the Zygote's Doe.  Included with this fawn are a few head morphs by Bloodsong and Lynne's Creations.  You must have the Zygote Doe model for this to work.  Included is an excellent texture done by Susan. Check out The Guest Gallery for a picture done using this fawn.

CCD's Santa's Reindeer
Created by me using GG's Buck and my morphs You must have the Zygote Doe to use these guys. The Harnesses and center pole, props created by me. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger picture of the deer and harnesses. A matching sleigh and the  buck can be downloaded Here! View a Great Christmas Picture at the Gallery!

CCD's Bob Cat
Created using the Millennium Cat's morphs and some of my own. Includes textures, mat pose, and character. You must own the Millennium Cat for the cr2 to load! Extensive testing has been done to make sure copyright laws are not being violated! View a Great Christmas Picture at the Gallery!

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