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I have created this gallery for your enjoyment. Here you can explore and view my Bryce and Poser creations. The following pictures were done using Meta Creations, Bryce 4.0, Poser 4.0, Paint Shop Pro 5.0, and Adobe Photo Shop.  Please sign my guestbook with your opinion of my paintings. I would love to know what you think.

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"Attending the Garden"

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"Blarney Castle"
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"A Day at the Beach"
fairy-rainbow.jpg (68630 bytes)
"Fairy Rainbow"
full moon_lake.jpg (49600 bytes)
"Mystical Lake"
ocean cliff.jpg (76892 bytes)
"Nature's Calling"
arizona_horses.jpg (72141 bytes)
"Arizona Horses"
Proud Stallion.jpg (60053 bytes)
"Proud Stallion"
winter scene at dusk.jpg (83568 bytes)
underwater1.jpg (107304 bytes)
"Under the Sea:"

Dragon's Lair.jpg (78439 bytes)
"Dragon's Lair"

ccdbfbobcat.jpg (63167 bytes)
"Alert and Ready"

"What's Out There!"

"Last Instructions"

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     Please do not reproduce these paintings. I worked really hard to create them. You may use them for your personal use, for example:  wallpaper, calendar, cards etc., but do not redistribute or change. They are mine and are copyrighted; to do so would be stealing. If you wish to offer any of them for free on your site please contact me for permission.

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